July 12, 2014

Smart Mobile Studio 2.1 (beta 1) is out!

If you need to write software for phones/browsers/node.js/microcontrollers, you should check out the new Smart Mobile Studio 2.1 (beta 1). The list of new and fixed features is much too long to list here so I’ll just focus on the most important additions.

  • Integrated debugger!

  • Dockable IDE with support for multiple layouts.

  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts.

  • Split view mode shows code and design side-by-side.

  • Support for with statement in a clean, non-Delphi way.
    with p := something do begin
      // do anything with p
  • Optimizations and bug fixes in the compiler.
  • Built-in browser uses Chromium CEF3.

April 29, 2014

Simulating button groups

This question popped up recently on the forum:

“Smart has a toolbar control and a toolbar button control, but no radio button control and no “down” property.  Is there any way to simulate this effect in the current version of Smart Mobile Studio?”

HTML buttons don’t have the down property but it can be simulated by changing the button’s CSS. The easiest way to do this is to create a new CSS class which is equal to the one used by the button but with the additional border:2px inset; declaration. Of course, you’ll also have to write a bit of code which will change the CSS during the execution.

March 19, 2014

Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 hotfix 1

Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 hotfix 1 (a.k.a. has just been released!

This release mostly contains fixes. In addition, we have also improved the TW3Grid component.

Download it here!

January 03, 2014

Upgrading v1 Applications

When you open a version 1 application in Smart 2, you’ll notice two special nodes in the project explorer – Custom Template and Custom CSS (marked in the picture below). If you, however, create a new visual application, these two nodes won’t be present. Why?


A reason is quite simple. Unless specially instructed, a Smart v2 application refers to external HTML and CSS templates (stored in "%ProgramData%\Optimale Systemer AS\Smart Mobile Studio\Templates" and "%ProgramData%\Optimale Systemer AS\Smart Mobile Studio\RTL\themes", respectively). A Smart v1 application, however, stored those templates inside the project file.

Unless you have made any customizations to the HTML or CSS templates, you can easily upgrade to the newer versions. Just right-click on the Custom Template node and select Remove. Repeat for the Custom CSS node and you’re done! There won’t be any special templates stored in the project file and Smart will use the defaults.


To use a customized template, right-click in the project explorer and select Add Template. You can add an HTML and/or a CSS template.