December 23, 2013

Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 beta 2

Today we have released new beta version of Smart Mobile Studio 2.0. Most of the annoying bugs are now fixed and we also added few new features and a new grid component!


  • No AV for event “building” (on component/event double click) anymore
  • Copy, Cut & Paste were not working (properly) in Visual Designer
  • RTL indexing
  • Better [CTRL]+[DOWN] (go to implementation), sometimes navigated to a slightly wrong position
  • Removed some memory leaks
  • Fixed Unicode issue in visual designer
  • Some preferences were not saved properly
  • Command line compiler now works with missing templates


  • Command line compiler is purely command line now (smaller size)
  • Faster loading of visual designer (delayed loading of ‘Live Preview’)
  • Improved ‘File’ menu structure
  • Menu item ‘Preferences’ moved to ‘Tools’
  • Improved ‘Options’ dialog (compiler tab)

New Features

  • Added package for Grid
  • Added ‘Save As…’
  • [ALT] + [DOWN] will cycle through components in visual designer
  • Added some WordStar editor commands, but yet partly occluded by IDE shortcuts