June 15, 2012

RemObjects Integration

Two weeks ago, Valeriy Goloshchapov of RemObjects published blog post RemObjects SDK for JavaScript and Smart Mobile Studio where he wrote:

“It’s quite easy to use RemObjects SDK for JavaScript as a third-party library with a quick asm section hack. The blog post of the Smart Mobile Studio creator shows that this may be done properly, and we’ll look into providing official and deeper integration with SmartStudio along those lines in the future.”

Today, Lennart Aasended announced in the Delphi developer Facebook group:

“Finally finished the RO import wizard. It does no longer need the codegen2.exe from RO SDK. So it's a 1 click affair to import a RODL service library :)”

Thanks to the hard work by André Mussche and Lennart, Smart may get RemObjects support in the first hotfix (due in a few days)!

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