June 28, 2012

Smart Controls – Status Update

This is gonna be one long chapter …

Done: TW3TagValue, TW3Component, TW3MovableControl, TW3CustomControl, TW3GraphicControl, Panel, Label, Button, Checkbox, EditBox

To do: Memo, PaintBox, ComboBox, ListMenu, Toolbar, Toolbutton, Image, Header, TW3ScrollControl

June 23, 2012

A Smart Book – 1.0.1 Update

Smart Mobile Studio 1.0.1 has been released and I have updated existing material with new features – namely compiler support for Date/Time manipulation. I have also added documentation for Math and String internal functions.

Sample book has also been updated with this information so you can proceed to the Leanpub site and download the new version.

June 21, 2012

June 20, 2012

Smart Controls Chart

Chart of Smart Controls classes. Will be published in the Smart Book.


Solid lines indicate inheritance. Dashed lines indicate composition; circle indicates the owner. One-to-one relations are marked with a full circle and one-to-many relation. Classes with thicker red border represent visual components available in the designer.

June 18, 2012

Code Samples for the Book

Code samples for A Smart Book will be stored in the Google Code project a-smart-book.

First code samples for the Smart Controls chapter are already available.

June 16, 2012

Blogs to Watch [2]

If you are into database/remoting clients, written in Pascal and running in a browser, click through to AndrĂ© Mussche’s blog and Google+ page.

June 15, 2012

RemObjects Integration

Two weeks ago, Valeriy Goloshchapov of RemObjects published blog post RemObjects SDK for JavaScript and Smart Mobile Studio where he wrote:

“It’s quite easy to use RemObjects SDK for JavaScript as a third-party library with a quick asm section hack. The blog post of the Smart Mobile Studio creator shows that this may be done properly, and we’ll look into providing official and deeper integration with SmartStudio along those lines in the future.”

Today, Lennart Aasended announced in the Delphi developer Facebook group:

“Finally finished the RO import wizard. It does no longer need the codegen2.exe from RO SDK. So it's a 1 click affair to import a RODL service library :)”

Thanks to the hard work by André Mussche and Lennart, Smart may get RemObjects support in the first hotfix (due in a few days)!

June 08, 2012

Blogs to Watch [1]

If you would like to know more about solving basic tasks in Smart, bookmark Smart Mobile Studio – Basics and Beyond, written by Shane Holmes.

June 06, 2012

Where to Ask Questions about Smart

This blog may not be the right place to ask questions about the Smart Mobile Studio – unless they relate to a specific post, that is.

If you have a question about Smart, especially if it starts with “Why” or “When”, the best place to ask it is on the Smart Mobile Studio forum.

However, if you have a “How” programming question that could interest your fellow programmers, I’d suggest asking it on the Stack Overflow. The appropriate tag is called smart-mobile-studio.

June 03, 2012

A Smart Book – Current Status

imageIn accordance with the Lean Publishing Manifesto, A Smart Book is published as it is written. When I’m happy with a chapter (or even with a section, if it is important enough), I click the Publish button on the LeanPub site and new, updated book is available to all the readers.

Such a book would be of a little use if you would not be able do buy and read it before it is finished. Therefore, you can buy the book in the current state of completion and you’ll get all future versions for free. That way, you can get the information as soon as it is ready and I get feedback from my readers before the book is completed (which also means I can react immediately, fixing the errors and updating the already written parts). You’ll be informed by the email when an update is ready. Alternatively, you can follow this blog or my Twitter feed.

The picture on the right shows the structure of the book. Chapters marked green are already finished. Blue color marks the chapter I’m currently working on. Orange color indicates chapters that are available in the free sample book. Brown color marks the content that is only partially included in the sample book.

If you want to affect the order in which the book is written, go to the home page of this blog and vote in the current poll. The poll is restarted each time new part of the book is published.

To get a better idea about the way the book is written, check the sample PDF.

Code samples for the book are available in the a-smart-book Google Code project.

image image