March 19, 2014

Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 hotfix 1

Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 hotfix 1 (a.k.a. has just been released!

This release mostly contains fixes. In addition, we have also improved the TW3Grid component.

Download it here!

January 03, 2014

Upgrading v1 Applications

When you open a version 1 application in Smart 2, you’ll notice two special nodes in the project explorer – Custom Template and Custom CSS (marked in the picture below). If you, however, create a new visual application, these two nodes won’t be present. Why?


A reason is quite simple. Unless specially instructed, a Smart v2 application refers to external HTML and CSS templates (stored in "%ProgramData%\Optimale Systemer AS\Smart Mobile Studio\Templates" and "%ProgramData%\Optimale Systemer AS\Smart Mobile Studio\RTL\themes", respectively). A Smart v1 application, however, stored those templates inside the project file.

Unless you have made any customizations to the HTML or CSS templates, you can easily upgrade to the newer versions. Just right-click on the Custom Template node and select Remove. Repeat for the Custom CSS node and you’re done! There won’t be any special templates stored in the project file and Smart will use the defaults.


To use a customized template, right-click in the project explorer and select Add Template. You can add an HTML and/or a CSS template.


December 23, 2013

Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 beta 2

Today we have released new beta version of Smart Mobile Studio 2.0. Most of the annoying bugs are now fixed and we also added few new features and a new grid component!


  • No AV for event “building” (on component/event double click) anymore
  • Copy, Cut & Paste were not working (properly) in Visual Designer
  • RTL indexing
  • Better [CTRL]+[DOWN] (go to implementation), sometimes navigated to a slightly wrong position
  • Removed some memory leaks
  • Fixed Unicode issue in visual designer
  • Some preferences were not saved properly
  • Command line compiler now works with missing templates


  • Command line compiler is purely command line now (smaller size)
  • Faster loading of visual designer (delayed loading of ‘Live Preview’)
  • Improved ‘File’ menu structure
  • Menu item ‘Preferences’ moved to ‘Tools’
  • Improved ‘Options’ dialog (compiler tab)

New Features

  • Added package for Grid
  • Added ‘Save As…’
  • [ALT] + [DOWN] will cycle through components in visual designer
  • Added some WordStar editor commands, but yet partly occluded by IDE shortcuts

October 20, 2013

New ways to run a project

In case you’re not following blogs on the Smart Mobile Studio site, I’d like to point out that I’ve written a blog about improvements in the upcoming 2.0 version, specifically about the enhanced support for executing your applications.

Read it here!

September 05, 2013

Smart 1.1.2

In case you have missed the official announcement – Smart 1.1.2 was released few days ago.

A Smart Book was also updated. There are only few small changes relating to new compiler features and to fixed bugs in TW3Label and TW3Checkbox.